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About Us

Ideal Homecare Agency LLC is a privately owned company, founded in 2014, by a team of experienced nurses, with more than 14 years of  extensive combined health care experience. The team has in-depth experience in managing the multi-faceted issues affecting the elderly. The team is dedicated to provide excellent elderly care support to these vulnerable and special needs senior populations, with the focus of improving the quality of life conditions of this at risk, and often neglected group. Our personal approach to case management and on-site support are hallmarks to our success. Our multi-cultural workforce is a key to our achievements and makes us unique. The personal life  experiences and cultural norms of the staff are diverse which provide a level of understanding and compassion that contribute to the successes of our program. The diversity of our staff allows us to tailor the needs of our clients to maximize their comfort and care.  The matching of members of our staff to clients with similar cultural backgrounds and language, assist us in providing a positive outcome with the client and Caregiver. The Agency support staff is diligent and responsive in supporting both the client and Caregiver. We take personal
pride in the relationships we have built throughout the years between our clients, Caregivers, support agencies and programs. We have come to be recognized as one of the primer elderly care agencies within Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. The traumatic adjustment for clients to dramatic cultural changes, with limited English skills and constrained resources is monumental. The Agency recognizes these constraints and works diligently with the client and Caregiver to help reduce the stresses and strains in adjusting to their new environment. Many of the Agency staff members have had similar experiences which is a significant factor in our ability to relate to the needs of our clients and provide an understanding of the issues affecting their lives. The relatability of our staff to clients make the staff is well equipped to provide excellent care services and support to client and their Caregivers. Our primary goal is to provide levels of service to enhance home care to prevent and reduce the risks of client admissions into acute care facilities. Our intention is to foster a home environment, supported by families, in a caring and protective environment. Quality in-home care improves the prognosis for improved health as opposed to institutionalized care. The Agency has achieved significant successes in providing maintenance services to, in need families. Choosing us is a guarantee for quality care for your loved one. 

The Agency mission is to provide comprehensive, high quality homecare services to our Consumers by creating strong partnerships with their families, case managers, discharge planners and the community. We believe in creating a team of caring professionals whose goal is the care and support of our Consumers.

Agency does not discriminate in admission, access to treatment or employment in accordance with the state and federal laws and regulations. Ideal Homecare Agency LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, handicap, or age in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities.

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